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BMMV clinical cases

All photos are BMMV cases, photos have been taken with owner's written authorisation to be used by BMMV only

Will's corneal ulcer

Will hurt his eye when digging in the garden causing a corneal eye abrasion to his left eye. Will was fully recovered after 5 days treatment with appropriate antibiotic eye ointment, painkillers, elizabeth collar and owner's care.

June had acute enterocolitis

June is a lovely eight weeks old puppy who was adopted from a rescue shelter. She came down with acute enteritis, which made her suffer from diarrhea and loss of appetite. She quickly recovered at home with appropriate medical treatment plus lots of love and care from her dedicated owner.

Kota's big heart

Kota suffers from Epilepsy and DCM, With the right diagnosis, treatment and owners dedication, Kota is back to enjoying hid Blue Mountains life

DCM is heart condition where the heart gets enlarged. It occurs mostly in large breed dogs, some of the signs to watch out for are lethargy, weakness, syncope and coughing.

Baby Possum

Rescued by a member of he public. He had an open wound on his back, he was checked and treated by BMMV and sent to WIRES to continue treatment until he is strong enough to be released back into the wild.

Starry's chilled-out check up

This stunning girl with enchanting green eyes is Starry. She got her annual vaccination and check-up totally stress free at her home in Lawson. What a relief for this lovely girl, no stressing trips to the vet, the vet came to her.

Jack's ouch adventure

Jack is a healthy, active boy who likes to run around in the garden. Some times accidents happen and it seems that he might have run into a stick which left him with a wound under his eye,e is now doing well and on the way to a full recovery.

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